Yaya Mavundla on the Pride Catalogue

By September 30, 2021 October 6th, 2021 No Comments

October being PRIDE month in South Africa, multi award-winning transgender activist and reality TV Star Yaya Mavundla in partnership with Constitution Hill launch PRIDE catalogue to commemorate 31 Years of LGBTIQ+ PRIDE in South Africa. 

Mavundla who recently been named SOWETAN Women’s Club Trendsetter in the arts and culture and launched Layers of a Black Transgender Woman exhibition at Constitution Hill during women’s month is again using her influence to make sure LGBTIQ+ stories are told by them their way and the they see it fit. 

The 31 Years of PRIDE Catalogue consist of 31 voices from the members of the LGBTIQ+ community and allies. Some of the voices include reigning Miss South Africa Shudu Masina, Gay rights activist and former Justice of the Constitutional Court Edwin Cameron, Miss Tasha an openly transgender woman employed as a primary school teacher, a transgender woman who represents the deaf community, Napo Masheane who is a rainbow parent and many powerful voices from different walks of life. 

“Besides this being a very important archive of our history published in a government platform, Constitution Hill, this is to make a statement, to say government can’t come back and say they are not aware of our issues as the LGBTIQ+ community. Also, there have been many politics around PRIDE in South Africa, which made many people find themselves losing a sense of belonging and togetherness, I wanted different voices in one catalogue that will make us realize we might have different stories and experiences but we are one and to say spaces like Constitution Hill belongs to us too as the LGBTIQ+ community.” – Yaya

“Members of the queer community fought over decades for their right to express their love and humanity. Political activists, straight and queer, struggled together, not always without discomfort, to create a world where difference would not only be tolerated but welcomed. Gloriously presented, the Constitution Hill’s vivacious, eventful Sexual Orientation Timeline is filled with personality and spirit, unafraid to deal with the hard issues that assailed the struggle for queer rights and that continue to bear heavily on members of the queer community today. Reading it made me feel proud. So much achieved, and so much still to be fought for.” -Former Constitutional Court Judge and member of the Constitution Hill Trust – Albie Sachs

For the duration of PRIDE month, from the 1st of October each day Constitution Hill will publish a different story on until the 31st of October.