Magic Day Club Certifies Your Summer

By September 28, 2021 No Comments

In light of the relaxing of regulations brought forward in the wake ofthe COVID-19 Pandemic, this year Da Kruk and the Magic Day Club teamhave decided to handle your summer yet again.Let us certify your summer with #MagicDaySummer!

The Magic Day Club team will once again be bringing party lovers aunique experience at Cielo Restaurant, The Lakes Hotel, Benoni,Ekurhuleni. The event is set to be a spectacular one with a celebrationof great music and socializing.All social distancing protocols observed. COVID-19 Screenings andsanitization will be taking place upon entry to the venue.


We are setting ourselves apart by focusing on giving you the eventattendees an exclusive opportunity to join one of the most exclusiveclubs in the dance music party scene. We all are familiar with the eventbeing all about chasing the summer sunset throughout the festive seasonwith good people, great music and positive vibes.

We are here to inform you to secure your ticket as they will be limited,for your place to have a sundowner and have a good time and make groovegreat again with us.

This exclusive event will take place from 11am through to 10pm at Cielo Restaurant & Beach Lounge, The Lakes Hotel, Benoni, Ekurhuleni.

*Please note the guest list will close at 5pm (Which means no entranceafter 5pm). Absolutely no tickets will be sold at the entry point.