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It’s an entertainment rarity to enjoy musicians and comedians on the same stage. After a significant winter of discontent, Comedy Central Africa (DStv Channel 122) is here to make life sunnier and funnier this heritage month with a one-of-a-kind hilarious EP. The Comedy Central Africa EP will feature unlikely collaborations between some of Africa’s most well-known musicians and comedians in an innovative and fresh celebration of some of the continent’s very rich heritage. 

Influenced by the ViacomCBS Networks Africa (VCNA)diversity of channels, the EP will unite AFRICAN musicians from across various genres of music including Amapiano, House, Hip Hop, R&B, Afrikaans pop and Afro Pop. They will be joined by some of the funniest comedians infusing styles and comedic flavours into one comic relief mixed pot. The EP’s first hilarious release “Let me fill Your Holes” is a collaboration between award-winning R&B crooner Donald and comedians Schalk Bezuidenhout and Peach Van Pletzen about those all too familiar potholes you wish the government had filled up by now and includes a cameo from Kurt Darren doing something you’ve never seen him do musically before.

“It’s the diversity of heritage in the rainbow nation that inspired our creative team to reinvent funny. Comedy provides us the license to push the envelope with expressing the realities of life in a satirical manner that will either make your roar with laughter or cringe from the artist’s authenticity of storytelling. This campaign’s intent is for all of us to pause and reflect at life with our funny bones. As with all our VCNA initiatives during the pandemic, we are committed to continued investment of our amazing local talent and provide the continent’s comedians and musicians a platform to showcase their authentic art and storytelling.” – Dillon Khan, Senior Vice President for Comedy Central Africa

“I may be known for my music, but I do have a funny bone. I am honoured to be on a project that will allow me to merge my love for music with a touch of funny” – Donald.

“Comedy is my first love, but who doesn’t love a little song and dance? I’m excited for fans to see a different side of me” – Schalk Bezuidenhout

All the songs will feature themes from trending topics that are of cultural and social relevance with a dose of Comedy Central Africa humour. The star-studded EP will feature paired up collaborations by stars such as Mashabela, Mpumi, Robot Boii, Kurt Darren, Leah, Priddy Ugly and more. Music videos from the EP will be available to view on the Comedy Central Africa YouTubepage and aired to a Pan African audience on the channel. 

Comedy Central Africa will drop a new song daily from the EP in the lead up to Heritage Day.