#NewMusicAlert: Indigo Stella ft Nasty C – Company

By September 2, 2021 No Comments

Following her release with Female Rap Queen, Nadia Nakai. Indigo Stella is back with her second single from her upcoming album, Interstella. This one is titled Company and it’s featuring one of the best rappers in Africa, Nasty C. If you have ever been chilling and feel like having someone’s presence, this is the definitely the song for you! Most would call you out if you say you haven’t. That’s exactly how Company by Indigo Stella came about.

Sometimes we just crave the presence of people we want to be around, whether it be a lover, a friend, a family member, or that summer fling that you never really managed to forget about. This song is a message to all of those people from You!

“I made this song in 2020 when lockdown hit and we weren’t allowed to leave the house. It’s a lockdown love song. You know when you’re told you can’t have something and want it more after that? When we were told to stay home and not hang out with people during lockdown, I realised that there are certain people I just couldn’t stop wanting to link up with, and me expressing that through the music resulted in the making of the new age classic Love song, Company.”

After making the song she knew she needed a feature on it that would balance out her melodic chorus and verse and give it that perfect final touch; and she knew EXACTLY who needed to fill that feature. The hardest rapper representing Africa internationally right now, Nasty C. Indigo Stella hit ‘The Zulu Man With Some Power’ up and asked him if he’d be keen on being part of the song, and he agreed without a doubt and laced the most poetic rap verse we’ve all heard in a while commercially; which brought a whole different element of the energy of love to the song.

Company is a perfect, melodic and well executed single for an album, and is the first one to her September releases which include her upcoming EP with more fire collaborations in store. It showcases a side of Indigo that not a lot of people have seen and Nasty C’s verse is definitely the icing on the cake! 

We cannot stop listening to Company by Indigo Stella and it has us tremendously excited to hear what she has in store for us in the album and the EP. Indigo Stella continues to show us that she is a Boss Queen and won’t concede or let anything or anyone hold her back. A true inspiration to the younger generation and everybody watching her journey.