Behind the Scenes: Nando’s Prego TVC

By August 26, 2021 September 3rd, 2021 No Comments

When you see an SMS pop up on your phone informing you that a long lost relative has passed away and they have left you a massive inheritance… run away… it’s a SCAM! When the most undercover East African prince requests a royal audience with you and your bank account details… it’s a scam. Following the widespread Randemic, we just can’t afford to fall prey to any more scams regardless of how they capture the imagination (or the state). So, when your favourite PERi-PERi chicken restaurant launches a brand-new meal, you place an order. At only R49, It’s not a scam. It’s a real get-full-quick scheme you can enjoy, just nje. 

Getting an early jump on Spring, Nando’s has launched a brand-new Chicken Prego paired with PERi-chips (or plain if that’s your vibe). The Nando’s Prego features a thinly-sliced and locally sourced (and sauced) chicken fillet, basted in your choice of PERi-flavour, topped with grilled onions and served on a toasted garlic-buttered Nando’s roll.

A new Nando’s product means a new Nando’s TV ad to go with it. This advert (like all of them) is expected to prick the balloon of the current status quo. It’s a timely reminder we can’t afford to fall for anything that will lighten our pockets. But we can afford the new Nando’s Prego and Chips for R49, no scam, just nje.

The launch of the new Nando’s Prego TV advert is full of the usual Nando’s humour and edgy observations. We went behind the scenes and spoke to the creative brains and Nando’s brand team to find out what it means to create, produce and manage an iconic Nando’s ad. We also got a sneak peek at some real life South African heroes who cameo in the ad – scammers have nowhere 2 hide. Watch the TVC below: