Black Motion Host NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

By July 8, 2021 No Comments

South African duo Black Motion bring entertainment to the home as they debut their Tiny Disk Concert featuring a sleuth of fellow musicians.

Produced by NS Productions and directed by Zolani Phakade, Black Motions Tiny Desk Concert opens up with the turntablists performing their hit song Mayibuye iAfrica– which translated asks the continent to return to its rich history and culture. 

This show forms part of a new series of at home concerts by international platform NPR – which is bringing music fans full set performances from global artists across the world. South African local production company NS Productions got to film and package this concert, which was shot at former president Nelson Mandela’s Johannesburg home under the direction of acclaimed TV & Film director Zolani Phakade.

The afro-house set is made extra special with the feature of a live band, several vocalists and guest musicians – bringing to life a transcending performance by the award-winning duo filled with their signature afro sounds and percussive rhythms.

“When executive producer Sakhile Fakude was approached by the Black Motion team and family to produce an at home concert with them for NPR Tiny (Home) Desk Concert, we immediately thought of ways to best represent the spirit of the nation as they do – hence the decision to shoot this special concert at the home of our former leader Nelson Mandela. It has been an honor to be part of the overall team which included the Bodega Agency team, Ted Mangerman and the Black Motion team to produce a concert of this nature for the international audience.” – NS Productions, producer Ndumiso Buthelezi

Black Motion’s NPR Tiny Desk concert is available on YouTube: