Popular Mzansi DJ duo Major League DJz, YouTube dance sensation Neevan, and self-taught dance choreographer Junior King, have partnered with Extreme Energy’s new Non-Alcoholic variant to bring fans a behind-the-scenes look at the unstoppable momentum of their fast-paced lives.

‘Stay on the Pulse’ is a self-styled documentary created by Major League DJz capturing a 12-hour window into their day and what it takes to be fully connected and on top of their game. Fans can catch the video on the Extreme Energy Non-Alcoholic social media platforms on Thursday 15 July to see the action-filled, on-the-pulse lives of these top musicians and dancers – and how they keep the pace. It’s non-stop day and night, culminating in a spectacular performance when the two creative worlds meet during a studio set with Major League DJz on the decks and Junior King and Neevan bringing the dance moves. 

We caught up with the kings of Amapiano and the popular SA dancers for an inside look. ‘Our lives are filled with non-stop action and we need to set the vibe and keep the energy going’ saybrothers Bandile and Banele Mbere of Major League DJz.  ‘What people don’t see is the behind-the-scenes hustle it takes to make it happen. We love what we do, and we are those guys who get the party started no matter what. We love that the brand understands our lifestyle. The new Extreme Energy Non-Alcoholic drink is there for us when we choose not to drink and keep the party going– with the same apple energy taste we love.’ 

The ‘Stay on the Pulse’ video gets fans in on the action with Major League DJz, Junior King and Neevan. It’s go-go-go from the moment they wake up and head to the airport, to when they make their way to the recording studio to do what they really love – bringing the music, the dance and the vibe together in studio. 

‘Extreme Energy understands the lifestyle needs of people at the top of their game like Neevan, Junior King and the Mbere brothers – and why they want to enjoy the same refreshing apple taste and energy kick during those times when they choose to drink less or not at all. They are busy people who want to stay connected to the moment, to their friends, and to the energy, as they get on with their busy social lives. That was what was behind the launch of the exciting new Extreme Energy Non-Alcoholic variant.’ – Marketing Manager Natasha Coppin.

‘This is hands-down one of the most exciting projects we’ve rolled out to date. Major League DJz are heavyweights on the SA music scene, and Junior King and Neevan are hottest next gen dancers in the industry.  Partnering with them to bring this video to life has been an incredible experience. Extreme Energy Non-Alcoholic is all about supporting those who bring positive energy to society. We are there for them when they are hustling and working to achieve their goals. There are moments when they choose not to drink or to drink less, and we understand what’s behind the lifestyle shift and recent move towards more conscious consumption.’  – Natasha Collins

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