WIN a Case of Hunter’s Red Apple

By June 16, 2021 No Comments

Living in a time where the future looks bleak we sometimes lose sight of just how challenging it can be to be young again. Living with a dream, being told you might not make it the youth continue to rise up to the challenge. Proving their worth over a Zoom interview, going back to having to send a demo CD or Sound Cloud link to be heard and giving away their creative flair for free on social channels in the hope to be discovered – the youth is making it – on their own. 

Pulling up their socks – starting their own businesses, conquering their fears, graduating, buying property and standing tall. Hunter’s Cider sees the amazing things happening all around us and no matter the occasion they are there to cheers to the world the youth has made their own – cheers to the young people of South Africa! Continue to prove them wrong and never give up on your dreams.

Hunter’s Cider is giving 4 lucky readers the chance to win a case of the newest addition the stable, Hunter’s Red Apple. It offers a burst of refreshment with its striking red colour and bold flavours, the perfect sidekick to any occasion – not too sweet, just the refreshing taste expected from Hunter’s. 

To WIN, Follow @MajestyMagSA & @HuntersCider on Twitter and share your story around how “you proved them wrong” using the hashtag #HuntersRefreshes and you can walk away with one of these cases of refreshment.

Hunter’s Cider promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.