Saray Khumalo Launches “Because It’s There” Podcast

By April 28, 2021 April 29th, 2021 No Comments

Award-winning mountaineer and the first black African woman to summit Mt. Everest, Saray Khumalo, continues to break boundaries: after scaling her literal and metaphorical mountain, Khumalo has now created a platform to empower other Africans to do the same with the launch of her “Because It’s There” podcast.

The inspirational podcast captivates listeners with conversations between Khumalo and some of the continent’s most extraordinary leaders. The entertaining episodes take listeners on a journey through the dynamics of organisational leadership, understanding their dreamscape, how to climb to the highest point on earth, and the role of a leader in Africa.

“I want to take listeners on a journey where we encounter and engage in conversation with some of the continent’s most resilient individuals, and find out what it means to take on a leading role on the African continent. In this series, I have the privilege of learning about the importance of using successes and failures to progress in your career, digging deep to draw inspiration to persevere through challenges, achieving personal excellence, and climbing the mountain of life and leadership.” – Saray Khumalo

The podcast, which is sponsored by leading fibre provider Vuma, kicks off with episode one, titled: “Taking up space with Ms Metsi Makhetha”. Makhetha is a United Nations Resident Coordinator in Burkina Faso, where she is the official representative of the UN Secretary-General, responsible for ensuring coordination and coherence of UN operations. 

She’s worked with multilateral institutions, leading multidisciplinary teams, supporting political transitions, facilitating development programmes, and delivering humanitarian services.

The conversation with Makhetha gives listeners a glimpse into her life and career journey, from her roots in Botswana to her transition from working in a science lab to making an impact in people’s lives as a humanitarian at the UN.

Makhetha also shares her vision to empower women and communities through the work she does. She opens up about the influential women who have shaped her personal and professional life, how these individuals have helped her climb her mountain of life and the mountains women in leadership are yet to scale.

“Through Vuma’s work of connecting communities, we realise the important role that connections and connectivity play in driving tangible change. Connectivity lies at the heart of everything Vuma does. It drives important conversations, brings communities together, and creates opportunities for greatness. Connecting Africa’s women empowers them to be extraordinary, and that’s what we’re here to do.” – Lianne Williams, Head of Marketing at Vuma

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