Isandlwana Lecture- An African Triumph

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KZN born Musician, historian and heritage enthusiast, Mbuso Khoza, is set to regale audiences with the third edition of the Isandlwana Battle Musical Lecture. The production looks at how the mighty British army suffered humiliation at the hands of Zulu warriors just over 140 years ago and will run from 26-30 May at Soweto Theatre. 

Accompanied by the Afrikan Heritage Ensemble, a 20-member A-cappella group, Khoza will again bring to life the true life-events of the Anglo-Zulu War, through narration, song and dance.

The Isandlwana Battle Musical Lecture sees Khoza presenting not only a gripping picture of the pressures of a war that drove both sides to a terrifying and bloody confrontation, but a definitive history of the battle that has shaped the political fortunes of the Zulu people and the entire African population.

The lecture promises to articulate particular aspects that the audience can take as lessons in modern day and will help shape their understanding of what constitutes their philosophies as Africans. The award-winning Khoza, also a heritage consultant, will regale the audience with intimate details of the national psyche in the run-up to as well as during and the aftermath of this historical incident.

“The battle of Isandlwana is recorded as the British Arymy’s greatest defeat in Africa which saw 2400 African soldiers overran a British Camp near the Isandlwana Mountain,led by King Cetshwayo”. – Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa

“The lecture is aimed not only to the history follower, but to a wider audience that is curious and would need to grasp the story effortlessly. Narrating such an eventful occasion can become boring and monotonous if done the traditional way of presenting papers, and that is why we are giving a lecture with a twist. This edition promises an even better experience where we’ll take the audiences down memory lane, we bequeath roots and wings for our children Woza mtanami ngikuxolele ezasendulo.” – Mbuso Khoza

“Our minds are powerful, they determine what we think of ourselves. What we think of ourselves is shaped by what we expose our minds to. This story of African Triumph is essential for any African parent who would like their child to have a mind that is completely aware that their own destiny is up to them, they can indeed be the spear that defeats a bullet.” – Soweto Theatre General Manager

The Isandlwana lecture demonstrates how Khoza weaves together the lives of Zulu patriots like Ntshingwayo ka Mahole and Mehlokazulu ka Sihayo and professional British soldiers such as Anthony Dunrnford and Charlie Harford -the men who were at the human heart of the savage and iconic Anglo-Zulu War by examining the songs –Amahubo – composed during that age.

The production uses mainly song and narrative, and goes beyond the narrow focus on the battles of Isandlwana. 

Isandlwana Battle Musical is scheduled to run to run for 5 days only, from 26-30 May 2021 at Soweto Theatre. For more information about The Isandlwana Lecture visit: or call 0861 670 670 for tickets