Magic Liquid Lunch To Serve Exclusivity

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Magic Liquid Lunch is a fusion of a chef prepared 5 course food experience paired with sweet sounds and great drinks to wash down the vibes. The event is inspired by aspirant living and the pursuit for an easy quality of life. It’s an experience that will please the palate and satisfy the thirsts while music becomes the backdrop of a great day out.

The event will be hosted at the Mediterranean style beach restaurant, overseeing the golden beach and lake decks of Cielo in Benoni.

Magic Liquid Lunch – 5 Course Menu:


Stuffed crumbed calamari cube served over hot coal

(Served by Cielo pool area)


Portobello mushrooms served with roughly chopped veg topped with feta cheese and breadcrumbs and balsamic reduction

(Served inside Cielo Restaurant)

Palate cleanser:

Vodka watermelon sorbet

(Served inside Cielo Restaurant)

Main course:

Orange infused roast chicken fillet served with mango salsa, Stellar Artois tempura veg and sautéed baby potato (option to pour over flame at table)

(Served inside Cielo Restaurant)


Boozy pineapple crush served with berry coulis

(Served at Cielo Beach Patio)

Date: Sunday, 25 April 2021

Venue: Cielo Restaurant, Benoni

Time: 12:00

Price: R400 p/p (includes 5 course meal)

The Magic Liquid Lunch will be by RSVP booking at only and will provide attendees an intimate space to socialize