Zola Nombona Joins BET’s ISONO

By April 7, 2021 No Comments

This week, the 21:30 viewing slot is set to bring all the drama on ISONO, as BET Africa (DStv Channel 129) welcomes renowned and talented actress Zola Nombona. The local star joins the original daily drama ISONO to portray the character Zoleka Sigcawu, a high powered modern woman at the top of her field as Head of Production at a sports channel, UltraSport.

AB realises that he deserves better than being a henchman for Mother Mary while a nervous Ayo builds good relations with future mother-in-law, Mary. The drama does not end there, Yanga turns into father Christmas by blessing the House of Grace children with gifts and cash, however things turn sour for him shortly after that. 

Mary wrongfully accuses Mncedisi of stealing from her. On the other hand, Gabriel’s web of lies have finally caught up with him as Ayo picks up the deceit. Esther jealousy peaks because of Makwande’s new fling and claims back her self-esteem with a sensual photoshoot organised by her BFF, Milly. 

Gabriel finally tells Ayo the truth about his dark past and is surprised at her response. A stressed-out Yanga is scared into action by Mary but things go from bad to worse for him whilst Makwande, still on cloud nine from his evening with Zoleka, is in for a huge surprise.
Zakwe convinces Yanga to try his hand at gambling. Esther finds a new suspect in the nude’s leak saga and things between Pastor Abiola and Sara reach boiling point.

Be sure to watch the star-studded cast of the suspenseful BET Africa original daily drama,as part of your daily drama viewing experience. ISONO airs every Monday- Thursday on BET Africa (DStv 129) at 21:30 CAT