Meet Mathapelo Pitse, Founder & CEO of local shoe brand J’ADORE D’AMOUR. She chats to us about her new collection and opens up about the biggest misconception ofbeing a businesswoman in South Africa.

1) You founded your brand in 2017, what would you say was the first challenge you had to face when you decided to start your project?

It’s been a great journey starting this brand, however the first challenge I had like many other entrepreneur is having a huge vision of how you would like your brand to be, however not having the finance to start but if you are a person that perseveres you end up being a resourceful and finding ways to start even if it is it at the smallest scale.

2) How would you describe the J’ADORE D’AMOUR brand? 

We are a luxury women’s footwear brand for audacious, feminine and sophisticated women who consistently step in style while conquering the world in timeless & gorgeous stilettos, one step at a time. Our brand is fuelled by love, emphasising on self-love for hard working women hence “J’adore D’amour” means I love LOVE.

3) J’ADORE D’AMOUR is a breath of fresh air for the South African fashion industry. Tell us more about this new collection?

ICONIC COLLECTION is our launch collection! As our very first introduction of J’adore D’amour to the world needs to be nothing short of glamour and magic. Embodying an audacious, tenacious, luxurious and sophisticated grace of a J’adore D’amour woman. Our designs are minimalistic, inspired by bold colours, exotic textures and playful accessories yet keeping the aesthetic of the stiletto timeless. We offer impeccable luxurious unboxing experiences which complement our shoes.

4) We’ve noticed that your brands trademark is the metal heel, how did that come about? 

Because we’re are a start-up brand and are new to the market, we had to be appeal to the modern woman who is fashion forward and fashion conscious but most of all we wanted to be unique with a touch of class and that when conceptualised the design with our manufacturer.

5) In your opinion, what do you think is the biggest misconception about being a businesswoman in South Africa dominating the fashion industry? 

I find that there is an expectation that the industry is EASY to penetrate because I am a woman, there is a level of difficulty in convincing women clients that my brand is worthy.  The industry is robust and an ever evolving hence the love and beauty I have for the fashion industry. Like I would say ” A woman changes her mind like she changes her shoes’ that’s why her options need to be endless.

6)  Lastly, how do you plan on being consistent during the pandemic?

In order to stay consistent is to ensure are brand is collaborating with other classy brands which align with our brand and ensure we continue to produce quality, fashion forward brands.

Shop the J’ADORE D’AMOUR Iconic collection at Zando and on the official website