This year the team at Rubix Cube made a promise to you that we will cheer you up after a financially tough and emotionally taxing year. And for three instalments this Spring and Summer, we were able to forget about our losses and celebrated our small and major wins. One of those being, the ability to wake up and live another day.

It is with great disappointment that we inform you that, after much deliberation with the team, our stakeholders and headline sponsor SAB, we have decided to postpone the Magic Day Club™ Finale which was scheduled for the 20th of December 2020. This decision comes as South Africa deals with an alarming rise in coronavirus cases in the country, and the government closes ranks to try to deal with the pandemic’s second wave.

Ours being a social gathering where alcohol is used as a social lubricant for festivities during Magic Day Club ™ parties, we have decided to heed the call and stand with the South African Government and the SA alcohol industry to reduce the spike in coronavirus infections. We would like to encourage all the Magic Dayers to remain safe and follow the National Disaster Act regulations for Lockdown Level 1.

Please look out for any updates and future Magic Day Club ™ events on our social media platforms.