DBT Studios is proud to announce the launch of an all new digital radio platform called Mzansi.Radio available exclusively to all MTN subscribers, data free. 

This heritage month, on Monday 28 September 2020, DBT Studios launched its first ever daily radio show on Mzansi.Radio called “Sishaya Ingoma NeHhashi”, every day from Monday to Saturday 12pm to 4pm, hosted by Ihashi Elimhlophe alongside his wife Mam’Ngcobo also known as “Ebony”.

“This is the first time that Maskandi will have a true bona-fide media and musical home while also being respected and elevated to the same levels as all other genres of music from around the world.  With the launch of Sishaya Ingoma NeHhashi, the station will play the best of new and classic Maskandi, and be the home of the true and authentic story of Maskandi. This is a big victory of South African culture and Heritage.” – DBT Studio’s Phindile Mkhabela

“This is an exciting time for traditional music lovers. For a long time I have been seeking ways to revive the Maskandi music, not only for South Africans’ consumption, but also for people who stay abroad who wish to connect with their African roots through music. This platform affords me that opportunity to take this rare gem of music to the people. We are well on our way of preserving our heritage, and I am proud to be part of this innovative drive. I implore people around the country, and beyond to support this initiative so that we can continue feeding their musical taste buds, while we also assist emerging artists in this genre find their voice, and regale fans and lovers of this particular traditional music.” – Ihashi Elimhlope

To access Mzansi.Radio platform nationwide like the hundreds of thousands of people who are using the app already to listen to their choice of gospel, house, hip hop, Ama piano, and Afrikaans music every day, 24/7, simply go to the website www.mzansi.radio and follow the instructions.