A week into DStv’s Legacyand the telenovela already has quite the fandom in South Africa. A product of Emmy-nominated Tshedza Pictures, Legacy is set in the fast-paced world of investment billionaires and tells the story of a family at war with itself. The show boasts a diverse cast and surprised audiences with stars from past soapies.

From a literal cliff-hanger moment to the scurry of moving a body, here are the top five moments we never saw coming in Legacy’s first week. Spoiler alert: if you are yet to watch this week’s episode, available on DStv Catch up, and you may want to avoid these spoilers.

  1. Felicity pushing Sebastian off the cliff

A moment of instinct or an accident, either way, we never saw this coming, now we’re wondering how much further Felicity would go to reign supreme.

  1. Sebastian surviving the fall only to be shot by Stefan

In Stefano DiMera-like fashion, Sebastian survives being pushed off a cliff by Felicity only to be shot by Stefan.

  1. Msizi planning a coup d’etat to gain control of Legacy Investments

Clearly a character we’ll love to hate, it’s clear that Sebastians ‘disappearance’ presents Msizi with an opportunity.

  1. Felicity in a moment of weakness

Overcome with guilt about what she’s done to her father, Felicity thinks about taking her own life but is interrupted by her stepmother.

  1. Stefan and Felicity moving Sebastian’s body

Burying Sebastian close to his trail seemed a good idea until Detective Badenhorst and his sniffer dog were moving in on his body, the search party, called off by the storm, provided the perfect opportunity to move Sebastian’s body. 

Designed for DStv’s Premium audience, Legacy airs Monday through to Thursdays on M-Net, DStv Channel 101 at 19:00. DStv Premium viewers can also watch the series on Catch Up or stream the episodes live via their mobile devices on DStv Now.