In order to support nightlife communities during corona crisis, family-owned Mast-Jägermeister SE is taking a unique step: for the first time in the brand’s history, the front label of the iconic liqueur is changed across countries and continents for the #SAVETHENIGHT Jägermeister Limited Edition Bottle.

With its specific illustration on the front label the bottle sends a strong message of hope to the nightlife communities and a signal of solidarity with people who usually make the night.

The launch of the desirable bottle is backed with the commitment of Mast-Jägermeister to provide additional 1 million Euros to the markets that make the bottle available. The money will be used to help artists, creatives, bartenders or club-owners who are facing never before-seen hard times and are struggling to make a living. The Limited Edition Bottle is part of Jägermeister’s global #SAVETHENIGHT initiative.

For the creation of the front label artwork Jägermeister partnered with German top-class illustrator Max Löffler. Its three parts, THE PORTAL, THE TUNNEL & GRIDLINES and A LIGHT BEAM on the horizon, are symbolizing the current state, the path towards the better days and hope. On the back label the purpose of this exceptional project is outlined: “The good times will come again. Until they do, this bottle is for those who make the night. Together, we support them. Together, we will #SAVETHENIGHT.”

“We are proud to have South Africa as part of this global initiative.  Through #SAVETHENIGHT we have been able to support those in the on-trade and events industry by offering work during this period. Jägermeister created a series of online entertainment events designed to generate additional income opportunities for artists, creatives, bartenders and Jägermeister’s network of Meisters. This also went hand in hand with providing entertainment at home to millions of people worldwide who have currently put their nightlife on hold to stop the spread of covid-19.’’ – Donné Wolk, Marketing Manager Jägermeister SA

The total number of the highly desirable bottles is limited, so fans have to be quick to order them as it is expected that they will be sold out within a very short time. In South Africa you can order the Limited Edition Bottle online via Norman Goodfellows. For more information go to the dedicated website