Fans of the post-apocalyptic horror series, The Walking Deadhave much to look forward to this October as the iconic production celebrates a decade on television. On Monday 5 October, the long awaited special event episode The Whisperer War: Final Showdown – A Certain Doom will finally hit screens and will simulcast with the USA broadcast at 03:00 CAT on Fox (DSTV 125). This episode has also been scheduled to air in prime time at 20:45 later that day. 

Earlier this year, Covid-19 shut down production, leaving fans in suspense for nearly 6 months, making The Whisperer War: Final Showdown – A Certain Doomone of the most highly anticipated episodes in the show’s history.

The good news does not end there. Six additional episodes of the tenth season will air early in 2021 before the eleventh and final season kicks off with a bumper 24 episodes. Additionally, if you missed any previous episodes of the tenth season, there will be a catch-up omnibus of seven episodes (9 – 15) on Fox Africa on Sunday 4 October from 21:20, until the A Certain Doom episode premieres at 03:00.

This season, our heroes’ commitment to civilization has been tested after being introduced to the Whisperers, the extreme group who have a survival of the fittest mentality. In episode 15, the communities started preparing for the final battle of the Whisperer War. On top of that, Eugene’s group encountered Princess. Beta’s horde is now closing in on the hospital where the survivors are holed up. Don’t miss the epic showdown as he engages the final Whisperer War.

The Walking Dead’s A Certain Doom episode is set to be filled with action, grit, gore, and suspense in this epic showdown. I can’t wait to see who makes it out alive. Viewers can also look forward to a celebration of cult moments from the show’s 10 year legacy” – Evert van der Veer, Vice President, Media Networks, The Walt Disney Company Africa