Sincerely Anne’s latest single, TRANSCEND, a song about overcoming hardships and allowing yourself to grow in spite of adversity, was released to radio nationwide on 2 September 2020.  The song offers a powerful message of hope and inspiration. 

The stunning music video for this single, which perfectly showcases her soothing yet powerful voice, has now been released and 99% of the video was shot underwater.  It is aligned with the single’s message to transcend above life’s hardships, emerging stronger each time you feel like life is trying to ‘drown’ you. 

“The video tells the story of a girl who is literally and figuratively swept underwater, where she has to learn to cope with life’s difficulties. Through this process her inner warrior is forced to awaken. She not only learns to see beauty in her situation, but she must also look inward to gather strength. She finds acceptance as adversity forces her to grow stronger, enabling her to weather the next storm.”

Watch the official music video below and let us know what you think: