Moonchild Sanelly – South Africa’s “Queen of Gqom” – releases her new EP Nüdes out via Transgressive Records and Gallo Record Company locally. The EP is set to position her as one of the year’s greatest breakout artists, with her electrifying music and unique style ready to take on a global audience. The EP features empowering anthem “Thunda Thighs,” which arrived alongside clips of the song’s TikTok challenge, as well as singles “Where De Dee Kat”, and “Bashiri”. Nüdes is packed with Moonchild’s quintessential infectious energy and sure to keep you dancing for the entire EP.

“The whole EP is about liberation. I have a range of fun experimental sounds mixed with day to day [or night to night] – concepts and stories associated with my mission of liberation. – Moonchild

Nüdes is a celebration of sharing the best parts of our curves and corners with someone we trust, and exploring how this can turn into a nightmare if the person you trusted chooses to exploit it. People who were just doing something secretive and fun are unaware that at some stage those moments can be used against them & leaked without their consent – as explored in ‘Newtown Chips’.

Nüdes is a record of self empowerment. In Bashiri – a playfully written song about a woman who takes her cheating husband to a pastor to rid him of the ‘evil spirits’ that are causing his behaviour… The ridiculousness of this concept led me to suggest changing the narrative of finding solutions outside of yourself. Only YOU have the power to make you happy. 
Other tracks, including ‘Thunda Thighs’, are a fun loving educational party of sexual expressiveness. I want to have every woman knowing every bit of their existence is worthy of being loved and valued. Knowing that you are that bitch. Owning it and saying it unapologetically.”

The project follows the announcement of her feature on the Gorillaz upcoming album Strange Timez for the track “With Love to an Ex” as well as her feature in Beyoncé’s Black Is King visual album for the song “MY POWER”. Fearless, inclusive and a lot of fun, Moonchild Sanelly is only just getting started. Her iconic personal style combined with an outspoken approach to female sexual empowerment has earned her collaborations with Beyoncé, Die Antwoord, Gorillaz, Diplo and Wizkid and built her a devoted fanbase. She is “a global superstar waiting to happen” according to Damon Albarn.

1. Bashiri
2. Thunda Thighs
3. Newton Chips (Aramboa remix)
4. F-Boyz
5. Where De Dee Kat
6. Weh Mameh
7. Boys And Girls ft. Patty Monroe
8. Come Correct