Multi Award Winning Tresor is getting ready to share his story with a global audience of hundreds of millions in CNN feature African Voices Changemakers.

TRESOR is an African Pop Maverick. Renowned for his distinct sound, which has won him Best Pop Album of the year award for debut album VII; sophomore album The Beautiful Madness; and more recently for his album Nostalgia; at The South African Music Awards in 2016, 2018 and 2019. The king of Afro-Pop will share his musical narrative with his own dedicated episode set to go live from Saturday on the international news channel. 

Earlier this year, Tresor gifted fans with a romantic and enchanting new song, Thrill and shortly followed this up with his latest single Zwakala off his upcoming album Motion. The trendsetting musician will detail his journey of being a giant in the African music scene embarking on taking the world by storm with his sound and fashion trends.

CNN’s African Voices Changemakers highlights the continent’s most shining trendsetters who through their influence are creating subcultures with art, fashion, music and more! Tresor has over the years truly shown off that he is a multifaceted artist with roots from DRC, strong influence from South Africa earning him fan connections throughout East and West Africa.

Tresor’s African Voices Changemakers episode airs from 05 September on CNN and will repeat again through September.

“I’m so excited to tell my music story with the world. I get to take my fans behind the music and also share some really exciting exclusive content from my new upcoming album, Motion” – Tresor

Be sure to keep up with Tresor on his social media pages as he gets ready to drop new music and for bigger announcements.