We’ve been on lockdown for longer than anyone expected, but the world is finally starting to open up again. With the season opening up, Ban-T is back with three new singles after his last release, “No Limits” with Laylizzy.

“During the lockdown I was recording a lot of music and got to a point where I wondered what I would do with all of these songs,” – Ban-T

“T.N” takes a more solemn tone, where Ban-T speaks on being betrayed by friends.

“I feel like people could relate to getting fucked over by homies, you know, getting fucked over by someone you never thought would ever double-cross you. So, you know, trust nobody,” – Ban-T

“Going Hard” was written to inspire listers, to relate that:

“We’ve been going hard because we’re trying to get that work. We’ve been down and out, but we’re still pushing,”

It wouldn’t be a Ban-T release if he didn’t give his listeners something fun to flex about, and that is exactly what “Pull Up”. Artfully playing on Drake’s “Nonstop” only gives the single a more playful and fun vibe.