Your day is about to peak with the release of SonOfOld’s latest single “Much Better”. The single is out now across all digital platforms and available as an instant download on the pre-save of SonOfOld’s forthcoming album due for release on 23 October –

“Much Better” as with the previous single “Saturday Night” is another creative collab between SonOfOld’s Nic Olsen and his previous studio partner and musician/producer Daniel Baskin. From a production perspective the track references Dead Prez’s iconic track “Hip-Hop” by way of the down tempo beat and hypnotic droning bass in the verse. The chorus features a New Orleans style brass section mirroring Daniel’s  dramatic bass riff, an idea of producer Tom Hughes… we think makes this one sound extra special. Lyrically Nic turns to themes of power, manipulation and shame… “I could be much better”… relevant? Hell yes.