Greater Power Remix EP is a compilation project of different remixes of Dj Liquidator’s 2018 sensational afro house song Greater power (ft mbalisoul & Tsholo Papo), which was his first solo project. The EP consists of two editions, which is the Amapiano edition and the House/Afro House edition, the first edition which is the Amapiano edition, was released on the 7th of August 2020 on all digital platforms under his record label Liquidators Trading Records.

The EP consists of 6 tracks, with remixes from Nyico Loco, GeeL Tonic & Onthaxx, Pitso deGroove, Elvee, Sisco Le-super, & Small pistol.

The House/Afro House edition is set to be released on the 7th of September 2020 on all major digital platforms, it is nothing short of amazing afro house sound. The EP is aimed at exposing and promoting underrated/overlooked South African talent, it has always been a goal to bring together talented South African producers on the same project and have them showcase their talent and to promote unity. We wanted to collaborate with emerging talent, to uplift and help showcase their talent, each producer comes with their own skill and technique on the EP. The House/Afro House edition will feature remixes from Candyman, Josta, KG Bones, Welcome, Pablo SA, Terry & Drikka, Gee, Ivan Micasa, Mfanelo, Rhythmic que djs, Duo Kari, & African Drumboyz.

“The song is basically about having a greater power within ourselves and the ability to achieve our dreams through self believe and hard work. The song is very close to my heart as it kind of narrates my journey in the music industry, and I believe a lot of people can relate.”- Dj Liquidator