Africa’s first Apple Music Radio host, DJ, producer and philanthropist, Cuppy, has unveiled her highly anticipated debut album, Original Copy.

Years in the making, Cuppy’s Original Copy features an array of high-profile collaborations and sees her tap into a sound she describes as “neo-Afrobeats”, tackling themes ranging from independence to love lost and African pride with the 12-track release. 

“I am so proud that the album is now out. For me, it’s not about numbers and statistics and charts, it’s about the fact that I was able to focus and achieve my dream of having an album. I invite everyone to join me on this new journey and I hope they enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making this album,” – Cuppy. 

Original Copy being an oxymoron is the perfect album title for Cuppy’s debut offering.

“I’m exactly what I shouldn’t be according to my environment. Original Copy is about being fearless to do you. I hope everyone that listens to my album is inspired by my story to be just that. You were born an original, don’t die a copy.” – Cuppy

Cuppy’s Original Copy is now available to stream or download globally here: