An award-winning filmmaker and founder of the African Academy of Cinematic Arts (founded together with Muvhango actress Maumela Mahuwa), Frank Orji who owed his landlord six months’ rent releases a thought-provoking book titled No One Is Coming For You available now on Amazon and other digital platforms in audio, ebook and paperback. Frank Orji challenges readers to step out of their dogmatized mental cocoons and embrace real freedom.  

Twenty chapters No One is Coming For You is a fresh read for spiritually conscious individuals, who understand that for anyone to be truly free, they need to be psychologically, economically, spiritually, physically, and socio-politically free. Frank Orji has brought his creative artistic talent into play, resulting in a written masterpiece that gives you a visual presentation of everything he describes. No One is Coming For You will inspire you to tap into your inner-force, align with your Source, and take charge of your own life.

There was a time I came to a crossroads in my life when I felt stuck. Nothing was working. My wife, Alisha Orji, is a very good woman. She is a blessing in every sense of the word. During these very difficult times, she was there working very hard to stretch the rand as much as possible. My wife only bought groceries from the cheapest stores and sometimes from the road-side market women. We owed our landlord six moth’s rent. Things got so bad that I started driving Uber for some guy….Frank re-visits this difficult time in his life  on one of the most personal chapters in No One Is Coming For You.

Here are ten ‘quotables’ from the book;

  1. I am an illegitimate child. I wasn’t loved by my father; he wasn’t there at all. He probably doesn’t know I exist. 
  2. Before we can talk about poor people’s choices, lets first talk about their options. 
  3. The challenge we have today is that we are disconnected from higher self, our spirit, our Source. we work so hard to literally worship religious leaders. 
  4. It’s really difficult for pastors to continuously listen and keep on listening to your problems, laziness, bad decisions, and your nonsense, and still prepare a positive message to preach to you on Sunday to make you feel better about you non-motivated self. 
  5. If they cared they would give you bread when you are hungry instead of telling you to pray.
  6. Your biggest problem is that your expectations of people are too high. 
  7. Do you want to be the person who is angry with the world, the one that blames everybody, or do you want to be the person who will pick yourself up and do something about your life? 
  8. I believe that everyone has been given everything they need to become who they were meant to be.
  9. To fulfill the purpose of your existence, you must understand and accept your design, You must understand that there is a reason why you behave the way you do and you see things the way you see them.
  10. Nobody has changed anything in life by blending in.

Truly, Frank Orji in No One Is Coming For You has managed to ask the readers to stop seeking answers in wrong places with misguided intentions without giving false hope. Authors like Frank Orji are a rare breed, once in a while type of Authors who are not intimidated by their rare talents. No One Is Coming For You is a must-have!