Hosted by LRI Productions,  musicians such as The Black Ties (Keeno-Lee Hector, Chad Saaiman and Lloyd Jansen), rapper Early B, Chad Chitter (MC and DJ), Sean De Vries (backing band) as well as the soulful crooner Tye Platinum, will all perform in a once off Women’s Month virtual concert celebration on Friday 28 August.

Proceeds of the concert are set to benefit the non-profit organization, Heaven’s Shelter House, located near Clocktower in Mitchells Plain, near Cape Town.

Heaven’s Shelter House is run by Pastor Zulfa – who started the charity more than 25 years ago when she took in three people into her own home before purchasing the premises. Today, Heaven’s Shelter House provides abandoned/abused women and children with a safe place to stay, help them find jobs and become productive independent members of society.

While not receiving any financial help from the government, Heaven’s Shelter House keeps their doors open through various donations from the public. Lyle Ryan, CEO of LRI Productions, says it’s for this reason that it was decided to host this musical celebration, with proceeds going towards the needs of this homeless shelter.

“We are excited to help repainting the building, fix the plumbing and electrical works and sort out the water leakages near the electrical supply box, furniture shortages and the repair of its roof. There’s so much to be done at Heaven’s Shelter House, so purchasing a ticket will be your way of making a difference this Women’s Month.” – Lyle

Cape Town’s R&B heartthrob, Chad Saaiman, says that The Black Ties are “really excited to be performing for such a great cause”.

“We are fully aware and committed to making a change within our country regarding Gender-based violence and the social ills that surround us, and women in particular. Music has always been a gift and a great medium to add value, bring joy and inspire,” – Chad Saaiman

Fellow musician, Tye Platinum, is “super keen” to show off his support in celebrating women, their equality, independence and place in society.

“I was raised by a single (and strong) mother. So often, we find ourselves focusing solely on the injustices against women and children that we don’t take enough notice of the successes and progress women make. I am extremely excited to be part of this initiative as it allows me the platform to celebrate women in a month for women,” – Tye

Fans can expect musical performances curated specifically for Women’s Month: romantic and also fun. All artists will perform amazing covers and well-known hits, along with some original music too.

Get ready to sing along and dance the night away with LRI Productions and all these artists. Tickets for this much-anticipated show can be purchased via