Self-taught music producer, songwriter, and vocalist from Limpopo, DJ Mamela won his second award at the inaugural 16th XiTsonga Music Awards hosted virtually in the Best XiTsonga House Song Of The Year category for his popular house song Hekeleheke. The song received massive airplay in many of the radio stations including the SABC radio, Munghana Lonene FM. Hekeleheke combines various genres, fusing various sounds to create a uniquely house sound DJ Mamela is known for. His first award was for a song called Mfana Loyi in the Best Newcomer category at the Khomanani Music Awards in 2019.  He has recently released his album Touch Me.

“Reality is, awards are great, a great inspiration. I’m grateful for all of them. This year, I want to focus more on promoting my music  both here at home and internationally. What I like is that our music is taken seriously all over the world, and the internet is there to make sure we supply them with various South African sounds” – DJ Mamela.

Having realised that there were no resources around his neighbourhood in Phalaborwa, DJ Mamela made it his mission to learn as much as possible about music starting with musical instruments like the Keyboard and the Guitar, two of which he played at the local church band he had joined as a Vocalist. DJ Mamela learned so much with the band soon after that he was on his own composing music. However, he continued to sing at funerals and any other gatherings which required music. 

His main motivator for deciding to pursue music relentlessly was that he wanted to prove to the youth around his area that one can start with what they have, where they are to prepare for opportunities.

There are various great experiences in the music industry as much as there are scary ones, DJ Mamela found himself wondering if the music industry is for him when he lost some of his fans through a car accident after having attended one of his performances in Mpumalanga. 

DJ Mamela realised that in Limpopo, they are more than enough languages to use in music, so he started with XiTsonga on a song called Mfana Loyi followed by nine other songs including Hekeleheke. DJ Mamela is not an artist who is in a rush, he takes his time when producing music, picking the right vocalists and tweaking when necessary. Listen to the award winning track below: