Imagine every single question you have ever had about sex being answered in one bite-sized book. From wild crazy fantasies to fake orgasms and early ejaculation this book puts a playful spin to sex education. Tiffany Kagure Mugo has just finished writing a book that will answer each and every question, thought and myth you have ever had about the deed between the sheets.

The book aptly titled Quirky Quick Guide to Having Great Sex offers answers to all your burning questions and tell you all you need to know, in clear and accessible bite-sized bits. 

Why is lube so important? How do you navigate consent? Is there a way of sending safe nudes? How do you put on a condom correctly? Why are people faking orgasms? How do you enjoy erection-free sex? What is kink? This book has all the answers and more…

Tiffany Kagure Mugo is co-founder & curator of HOLAA! a Pan-African hub that advocates for, & tackles issues surrounding African female sexuality. She is a podcast host, Tedx speaker, columnist and has written for numerous anthologies & contributes to spaces speaking about sex & politics. 

Tiffany is the perfect author to guide you about all things sex and sexuality, busting myths and upgrading the knowledge you already have, this book is the ultimate tool to help elevate your sex life! The Book will be available from 17 July 2020 at Exclusive Books and your fav book store.

Online copies can be purchased on or Exclusive Books website.