South Africa-born singer and songwriter, Oscar T, has released his latest first solo studio album: “Disconnected”.

Oscar T (whose full name is Oscar Toorn) made the 14-track debut drop earlier this week across all major digital platforms, along with the single “One More Reason (Sunday Morning)”.

“Disconnected is a reflection about my own life, but also about similar issues that people may have gone through in life. I wrote this album in a very dark and empty time in my life, going through a very difficult divorce – that almost left me on the edge of ending life itself.” – Oscar T

For Oscar, the album’s lead single “One More Reason (Sunday Morning)” is all about trying to restore a broken relationship and giving it one more reason to work.

”I picked up my pen and wrote down every single experience and emotion I was going through – from breaking into a million pieces to being completely restored back together. This album will make you cry, make you laugh out loud and make you love deeper than you ever have before.” – Oscar T