After 10 years of silence locally produced female group from Piertermartizburg Kwazulu Natal – Zakithi, are breaking the music scene, with a music video release of their hit song ‘Ukiss.’

Zakithi have recorded 5 Albums along the years – ISITHEMBU, BAXOLELENI, NGINCANYWA YIZO, UKISS and COSOLOLO. Amoungst these albulms where hits songs that Zakithi will be reintroducing to the market, starting with “uKiss”.

“Zakithi’s music is timeless and appeals to people of diffents ages. Our genre is also very unique and for years people could not box it, so we coined our own genre and called it Mzansi” – Zakithi group member, Yithi Zulu

Watch the official music video below and let us know what you think: