Popular producer mix engineer and club DJ Cuebur, whose innovative sounds have pulsed in the ears, veins and hearts of fans around the globe, is back with a brand-new dance album.

Taking nearly five years to complete – he wrote, produced and recorded a number of songs and then had to narrow it down to fit the album theme – THE BRIDGE was worth the wait. It not only represents his repertoire of house music, but also features some fantastic artists.

“Someone once said to me that my music brings people from different places together. A bridge is a structure that connects people from one end to the other. Hence, THE BRIDGE.” – Cuebur on deciding on the album title

Putting an album together is generally an enormous undertaking and, to bring THE BRIDGE to life, Cuebur collaborated with several writers, many of whom are also featured artists on the album.

“I love every track. Each one is different and carries a different message. Each track was carefully selected for the album and I hope that the feeling I got from creating the music will translate to the listener.” – Cuebur on choosing his favourite track

The first single off the album, iSoka Lam, was done in collaboration with Zikhona. Written by the soulful singer, the house track is about a young woman who has unexpectedly, but in the most beautiful and romantic way, fallen for a guy. While ‘isoka’ is slang for boyfriend, in this context it is about finding the man of your dreams when you least expected it.

“In every song I write there is always a bit of personal experience which serves as inspiration. This is not some made-up fairy tale. After ending a long-term relationship, I started this journey to self-love with the intention of giving myself all the necessary attention, love and care. I was finally enjoying being in my own space when I met someone. I ignored the instant attraction at first, but over time we grew closer. I was happier than I had been in a very long time, so I wrote a song about it.” – Cuebur