These are unprecedented times and while there are so many uncertainties, one thing remains true, women all over the world are seeking out opportunities to indulge in selfcare moments. This means setting boundaries on work and the outside world to reserve “me time”, which has led to the rise of movements such as #SelfCareSunday.

Whether this means reading a book, putting on a facemask and lighting some candles, indulging in elaborate bath time rituals, or virtually catching up with the girls over some snacks and chats- self-care is very important.

During this time, LUX wants to encourage the women of South Africa to experience the LUXuriousness of its products at home – owning self-care as a moment – ensuring that they are pampered and protected. LUX knows that self-care is not a destination, but a journey. During this time especially, we want to let you know that LUX is here for all your pampering needs, all the while protecting your skin.

Through five beautiful, informative & engaging virtual pamper parties, LUX wants you to take some time out of your day to be present in the moment and ready to explore the many facets that make women #MoreThanYouCanSee. This will be brough to life via Instagram LIVE and the series of LUXury sessions will take place over a period of five weeks, grounded in femininity and LUXury.

The first session takes place this Sunday, 14th June 2020 at 11:00, hosted by LUX brand ambassador Nandi Madida and content creator Melody Molaleon Instagram across both the content partner’s channels.

“Taking time out for myself is important because it allows me to align my mind, body and soul and really take time for myself – this is especially important when you are juggling roles and don’t always have ‘me time’. I am really looking forward to unwinding and connecting with the ladies during the pamper sessions, and sharing about my self-care rituals with Lux,” – Nandi Madida, current Lux ambassador.

LUX believes that there is so much more to women than meets the eye – it is about discovering the fine balance between intrinsic as well as extrinsic and celebrating all parts equally. With the Pamper Sundays with LUX Series, the brand wants to show the women of South Africa that it cares about their wellbeing, and that it is important to take time off for yourself, and claim back your Sunday.

Through this series, LUX invites all South African women who are friends of the LUX brand to join in the conversation, interact with likeminded women, and “spend quality time” with some of their favorite content creators.