Born and raised in the then dusty streets of Ivory Park located in Midrand, Kwame Nkrumah Mahlanga better known as DJ Kwame is set to take over 2020 in a major way. Even with the coronavirus pandemic slowing down all our lives, DJ Kwame hasn’t touched the brakes one bit.

Having already signed a deal with a Spanish label, he has dropped his single Abanamali featuring Mathandazo Gatya which is sitting on numerous charts across the country. Abanamali is a Nguni term that simply means “they don’t have money” , it’s a song based on people living a life they can’t afford all in the name of impressing women, they put themselves under unnecessary pressure and have their whole lives revolving around women, always waiting on payday so they can display wealth they don’t even have.

“The aim is not to critique the behaviour but to encourage them to look at things differently.”

The song is an upbeat song that will have you dancing while the vocals will get you singing along before it gets close to the end. The song is perfectly suited for radio and Kwame designed this sound perfectly due to his experience. Listen to it below and let us know what you think: