The talented trio, Rooksein, has recently launched their single ONTHOU JY DIE DAE, which is currently playing on radio stations, nationwide. With this song, they have certainly gained interest from many music lovers and fellow South Africans.

Their brand new single, WEES VRY, which will hit radio stations nationwide, during May 2020, will certainly ensure that the spotlight will be on this Potchefstroom trio-band. The band consists of Megan Danner (21), the lead singer and only Eve in the band and hails from Paarl in the Western Cape. Dian Maritz (20), from Plettenburg Bay, is the lead guitar player and backup singer of the trio. Renier van der Westhuizen (22) is a song writer and musician from Rustenburg, who gets his inspiration from the emotions and truths of life. Rooksein was founded by Renier and they have been performing since 2018 with extremely productive results.  

The song was written by Renier and is very different from their other songs. Most of their songs are about love and relationships, but with WEES VRY, they decided to write and sing about a more sensitive subject that is usually ignored. A subject which no-one can avoid, no matter who or what you are…death.

WEES VRY tries to console and say it is ok, I know you are hurting and even though things aren’t looking up at the moment, the sun will shine again tomorrow. Maybe not as bright as it was before, but every day the sun will become brighter” – Renier.

WEES VRY was written by Renier from the perspective of a person who is busy dying and the message is for the person left behind.

The death of someone close to you, is one of the most painful experiences that anyone can ever undergo. But this song is written as the last words of the person on death bed, consoling the person left behind, saying that everything is ok, I am going to a better place – I know it hurts, but it will get better, don’t let this get you under. Live your life to the fullest, be free, because that is what I want for you. Not the heartache and uncertainty.” – Renier

WEES VRY will most definately touch the hearts of people and make you realize how beautifull life is. Enjoy it for what it is, while you can, because no-one knows what tomorrow brings. Listen to it below and let us know what you think: