Over the last month, virtual collaboration between artists in home studios has come to life with  Red Bull Made In 72 Hours. This week sees musical and dance heavyweight Moonchild Sanelley join forces with Theology HD and Aymos to create new music together from their own studios across the country. 

The iWalk Ye Phara and Midnight Starring hitmaker, Moonchild Sanelly, Theology HD and vocalist and songwriter Aymos will rework Yolanda Fyrus’ Tata which was originally recorded at the Red Bull Music Studios in Cape Town. 

With collaboration in person not being possible during this time, Red Bull Made in 72 Hours committed to give artists a platform to engage with one another while collaborating on music and exploring their creativity. Over four weeks, three different artists came together to create new music from the comfort of their own home studios each week. 

The artists had 24 hours each to rework and record their part of a song originally produced in the Red Bull Music Studios Cape Town. The first artist was sent the original track and once complete in 24 hours would share with the second artist who in turn shares their part with the third artist with the final track then being mixed and mastered at the Red Bull Studios. Each artist had 24 hours to add their part to the track which was then revealed to audiences via Red Bull’s Instagram page. 

Red Bull Made In 72 Hours has featured artists such as Gina Jeanz, Pierre Johnson, Mark Akol, Not Benjamin, Nalu and more over the last four weeks which will culminate into a 4-track EP.  The EP is set to be released towards the end of May on streaming platforms. 

Keep an eye out on the Red Bull social media channels for updates on the project.