DREAMTEAM have impacted the South African Hip Hop culture with hits like ‘Tsekede’, ‘Shandis’ and ‘What’s Your Name’. After taking a break from the music space the Durban Hip Hop duo released JAKALAS in November last year.

To keep South Africa entertained during this period, the duo last week announced a music series that will have them release new songs on a weekly basis throughout 21days of Lockdown – #LockdownMusicDT.  

DreamTeam kicked off their Lockdown Music Series with a hard, trap influenced banger Money Back.

Money Back brags about being the man, having stacks of money with the crew, making money while adopting hip hop references to drive just how the duo keeps it fresh with purchases of the latest fashion and street culture trends. The track sees Trey and Saso reinforce themselves as a rapping duo with their sharp verses and swagger flow.

Continuing with their series, DreamTeam features 2Lee Stark on a dedication to the loyal squad.

Painting a picture of living on the road and the journey to success, Team Spirit beautifully uses nostalgia to reflect on the pride and loyalty held by the team over the years.

Team Spirit keeps the crew connected, takes it back home and reminiscent while making way to the top of the game. The track sees 2Lee finesse as a young King on the opening verse, Saso follows up with a tribute to the come up and Trey laces smooth vocals on the closing link to depict the depth of their love to music.

Team Spirit drops Thursday 9 April 2020 at 4pm, and will be available via DreamTeam’s social media pages.