Fans of the hit reality show ‘The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg’ will know that star Christall Kay has been working hard to launch herself as a singer. Now, she’s ready to make her mark on the local music space as she launches her brand-new single ‘Underwater’. 

‘Underwater’ is a feel-good pop song laced with bubbly dance influences which effortlessly represents Christall and her personality. Produced by Daniel Baron, the song’s sonic elements were specifically designed to replicate the feeling of being underwater.

“This is definitely a love song which showcases the depth of true love. For me, love is like being caught under the ocean where you can’t breathe and even drown in the love you have. It is a song about the contrast of the pain of being separated and the pure bliss of being engulfed by love and I am really proud of how the track has come together.”

Lyrically, ‘Underwater’ is a passionate love song which captures the emotional sensation of falling in love with someone. Christall wanted to the song to make people sit up and listen and she knew that the sonic elements needed to be something different enough to stand out from the saturated pop genre. “I incorporated dolphin and whale sounds into the instrumental parts of the song to bring the ocean theme to life,” producer Daniel Baron explains.

“There are elements in Christall’s voice that remind me of Belinda Carlisle which add such a timeless yet modern vibe to the song.” Christall adds “Daniel definitely captured the essence of the imagery I had in mind when creating this and I’m really proud of how unique the song turned out to be.”

Christall is looking to continue making an impact through her music as remains passionate about the power music has to change the world. ‘Underwater’ is a clear example of the uniqueness she brings to the local music industry and looks forward to keep connecting with her fans through music. 

‘Underwater’ is now available on all major digital music platforms now. Download or stream it here: