It’s safe to say that Enamel, real name Hakim Giwa, has claimed his spot as one of Africa’s Afropop newcomers to look out for. He’s recently released a new single called “GANG”, which follows his successful debut single “Pokish”.

GANG has an infectious beat, a mid-tempo track which makes for a chart topping Afropop hit. The song embodies a laid-back feel and this all translates very well in the music video. 

Hakim Giwa is Nigerian born, but now lives in South Africa and is signed with record Label More Coke Everyday. 

He’s currently working on an EP. He describes his journey with music as inspired and motivated by the things around him, all the frowns and smiles, ups and downs and everything about life in general. Africa is his roots, it’s his city and he reps every living soul on earth, no discrimination, no colour, no race. Watch the official video below and let us know what you think: