It is now a well-established fact that Castle Lite is the coolest brand around and if there was ever any doubt, the past 2 weeks have proven it. It is in the brand’s ice-cold DNA to be innovative in the way that it does things; to stay ahead of the game and keep doing the coolest stuff from any brand in Africa. And as Africa’s biggest premium beer brand, Castle Lite had to launch the 10thyear edition of Castle Lite Unlocks in an epic way.

Two weeks ago, the brand set out an extraordinary digital campaign to announce Castle Lite Unlocks 2020, its unique Early Bird ticket system and of course, to reveal the 2020 international headliner – Cardi B. The brand did the unthinkable when it asked its consumers to purchase tickets to the 2020 Unlocks experience before anything had been revealed. All people knew was that tickets were going for a steal at the ice-shattering price of R50. But there had been no mention of the headliner or even what this years’ experience would be.

The brand left a trail of carefully selected “Easter Eggs” – a trail of clues on the headline act – with the intention of allowing any consumer that paid attention, to break the ice and discover that Cardi B was about to be Unlocked, if you knew where to look of course. This not only saw the #CastleLiteUnlocks hashtag trending and breaking the internet, but it also saw a few people being convinced that they knew who Castle Lite was Unlocking. All of these clues were hidden in plain sight, for anyone to discover who the headliner would be, almost like a virtual Easter Egg hunt.

Excitement mounted over the 2 Easter Eggs that were found and made it pretty obvious that Cardi B would be coming to Mzansi. Tech-savvy consumers looked where no one else was looking and discovered that the words “Castle Lite Unlocks Cardi B” had been added to the Castle Lite website HTML code. What’s more, as speculations were growing online, the brand started telling Friends of Castle Lite who was being Unlocked and caught their reaction on camera. Loyal Cardi B fans were quick to spot the “Bacardi” license plate that was intentionally positioned in the background on Rouge’s video.

What is now very clear is that consumers need to pay careful attention to every move that Castle Lite makes as more and more surprises are in store for this year’s Castle Lite Unlocks experience. Cardi B will headline the experience at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa on 12 June 2020. Tickets are available and range from R690.