South African-based Nigerian Afrofusion star, Scooby Nero, has been on a roll since the release of his latest EP, Scooby Sauce EP Vol. 2. He is now set to continue on the hot streak with new visuals for his single titled Only Fan Account, one of the standout records from the EP.

The single grew to become the most streamed and downloaded song on the E.P and resulted in the decision to push it as a single and create a video that supplemented the quality of the song.

“People have been tagging me on videos everywhere and they are all calling it a hit. If everybody is saying the same thing then it’s got to be something real.”

Only Fan Account is about paying homage to women who continue to hustle and fend for themselves despite how much people judge them. The concept came about upon Scooby Nero’s discovery that more and more women referred to as “slay queens” were joining social media and using it to garner a fanbase by posting explicit content and getting paid for it.

In the song, he talks about a particular woman he knows was a dancer at XO Lounge before she suddenly stopped dancing at the lounge and focused solely on promoting her Only Fan Account page. Scooby Nero observed how her lifestyle rapidly became more extravagant through the money she was making on the platform.

Only Fan Account draws attention to how hypocritical people are because of how they insult this woman, call her names, and yet they (both men and women) still willingly and consistently consume her content, hence her big paycheck.
Scooby Nero acknowledges these women and gives them a dap for being about their hustle and disregarding people’s judgements and insults.

Apart from working on the release of the highly anticipated visuals for the single Only Fan Account, Scooby Nero is back in studio and is working on new music that he can’t wait to start putting out.

“I am excited to be working with DJ Enimoni. He commented with a fire emoji under one of my IG posts and then I replied offering him a verse, and the rest is history. I can’t wait for people to hear what we’re cooking up.”

The single officially drops today across all music digital platforms and on Youtube.