Apple Music Song Stories continue with Afro Soul sensation Ami Faku’s title track ‘Imali’ (featuring Blaq Diamond), taken from her Top 5 debut album which released on Apple Music in September 2019.

The single was intensely personal for Ami: “Imali, is a reflection on the difficulties of life. I felt that I left people behind who were suffering and unable to afford the basics. People can relate to the fact that many people never get the break they need. However, I wanted it to be inspirational too.”

Faku – the Apple Music New Artist Spotlight recipient in October 2019 – first discovered her passion for singing as a child in the church where her father was a pastor. She began to explore a range of styles from gospel and reggae to pop and hip-hop, gradually developing her own distinctive voice which incorporates her Xhosa heritage. She’s most proud of the fact that the album is honest which is why the lyrics mean so much to her:

“Thandazile Kuzolunga nini … I’ve been praying and nothing changes, nothing wonderful is happening. That’s when you have to do something.” – Ami Faku