Singer/songwriter Lucille Slade has just dropped her much-anticipated first single off 2020Khulumani Nami. Said to be the first single off her forthcoming EP Love Me Slowly, the pop-inspired Afro Beat record is produced by Grammy-nominated producer Evokewith the contribution of pianist Michael Ngulube

Evoke is one of the co-producers on Beyonce’s Find Your Way Back on The Lion King Album.

“Khuluma Nami is a song trying to figure out where a relationship stands. The instrumental allows for the listener to groove but still have an emotional connection to the message, because of the style and direction of the production you hear the sadness in the lyrics but the production makes the sadness less heavy because of the chosen pop- afrobeat groove.” – Lucille on her new record.

Khuluma Nami is exclusively available on Apple Music.