There’s a new local street-wear clothing brand on the South African fashion scene and it ready to bring the heat this summer with the debut of its 12 piece capsule collection.

The brand, LU CLXN which is pronounced Lu Collection is an athleisure wear brand that specializes in comfortable yet stylish clothing for men and women.  Through their summer collection, the brand hopes to highlight this aspect particularly with their ladies wear range.

The collection which is inspired by a largely minimalistic look and feel incorporates a predominantly neutral colour scheme with colours such as black, grey, pastel blue and white as the main focus. However the range also incorporates fun yet subtle bursts of colour with the inclusion of cerise pink to communicate those warm summer vibes.

The abbreviation of the the brand’s name, CLXN forms part of the clothing line’s graphic branding which is incorporated consistently throughout the range to communicate the logomania trend.

Due to the neutral colour base of the collection, many of the range pieces can be switched up and styled with other garments to create a variety of different outfits. The great quality of the garments makes it even easier to maintain a sustainable approach one’s wardrobe as well. The collection was designed with the intention of preserving timelessness making it perfect for those fashion minimalists.